REVIEW: Double Dare OMG! Peeling & Pulling Kit

by - Friday, December 28, 2018

“Double Dare is synonymous with adventure, wanderlust and first-time experiences. We think the journey is just as important as the final destination. And just like you, we get giddy about trying new things and pushing the boundaries of beauty and skincare.” —@doubledarespa

If you’re an adventurous person and willing to try new things this brand is for you. Their modern heroic realism all black design and unique innovative products provide for trendsetting woman and man.

I must agree with uniqueness, after trying this pulling & peeling kit, I wanna try their OMG! 4in1 kit zone system mask and honey milk dual mask kit. I love how their provides only tubes and once-use packaging because it’s perfect for traveling and on-the-go!

Jika kamu adalah orang yang senang mencoba hal-hal baru, brand ini untukmu! Dengan desain modern heroic realism berwarna serba hitam dan  produk-produk unik nan inovatif ditujukan untuk pria dan wanita trendsetter.

Saya setuju dengan keunikannya, setelah mencoba pulling & peeling kit, saya jadi ingin mencoba produk mereka yang lain. Saya sangat suka mereka hanya mengeluarkan tube packaging dan sekali buang, karena cocok untuk travelling dan on-the-go. 

consist of Peeling gel, Pulling gel kit and mega headband. Separate purchase is available.
Price: $55
Where to buy : Stylekorean
Brand Website: Instagram / Website

Disclaimer: Products are provided by Stylekorean for  review purpose. However all opinion based on my experience and were not influenced by the brand. 

OMG! Peeling Gel 
This is my first ever peeling gel. It effectively sloughs away dead skin cells and eliminates impurities. It has white-ish gel cream (smells fresh lemon!) texture, which clumps up as it contacts with skin. 

It gently exfoliates and tightens pores with Papaya Fruit Acid and Lemon Fruit Extract while Vitamins C and E brighten and hydrate the skin. Hyaluronic acid helps replenish moisture, leaving skin visibly smooth and soft, I can’t stop touching it! Drop your harsh physical exfoliant and advance to this eco-friendly peeling gel (that uses cellulose!)

OMG! Peeling gel adalah peeling gel pertamaku, efektif untuk membersihkan kulit mati. Teksturnya gel putih (wangi lemon!) yang langsung menggumpal saat menyentuh kulit. Mengandung papaya extract untuk eksfoliasi dan lemon extract untuk mengecilkan pori-pori. Kulitku jadi halus dan lembut, enak banget dipegang. Ganti scrub dengan peeling gel ini yang lebih gentle dan eco-friendly!
OMG! Pulling Gel 
At first I thought it was a peel off, turned out a typical gel scrub consist of real Strawberry seeds which gently exfoliates and dissolves dead skin cells. Upon application, the strawberry aroma linger on my nose. 

The unique formula releases a warm sensation on the skin to open up pores. The warming up is kinda too much for me, it stings more than a 30% AHA does. It makes my skin turn red and develop rash. It contains papaya fruit extract, glycolic acid and ascorbic acid. I think these combination makes my skin over exfoliated. Didn’t forget to mention that I used the peeling gel too before.

OMG! Pulling gel adalah scrub khusus T zone dengan formula unik yang dapat melepas panas saat diaplikasikan. Sensasi hangat membuat pori-pori terbuka dan biji Strawberry untuk eksfoliasi. Sayangnya sensasi panas nya terlalu berlebihan untukku, lebih perih dari pakai AHA 30%! sekitat hidungku jadi iritasi dan muncul gejala alergi.


I.M. Buddy Mini Brush
It’s a medical-grade silicone cleansing tool and FDA approved. It said to pair with the Pulling Gel, allow the silicone bristles to gently massage in and around the T-zone area for deep exfoliation and get the best results.

Silicone brush khusus hidung yang dapat dikombinasi dengan Pulling gel. Silicone bristle nya sangat gentle tetapi efektif untuk deep exfoliate. Saking sukanya dengan cleansing tool ini, aku sampai beli foreo luna mini 2.

Mega headband
I love how plush and cute this headband is. I kinda wish I get the pink one! It makes my routine feels cozy and comfortable. It’s not like any other headband that sit tightly on your head but stretchable. Do get it!

Saya sangat berharap mendapatkan yang warna pink. Headband ini membuat rutinitas skincare saya menjadi nyaman. Tidak seperti headband lain yang terlalu sempit dan kencang, headband ini mudah diatur.

I love the Peeling gel because it’s way gentle and eco friendly than typical physical exfoliant. I want to love the Pulling gel but it turned out not suitable for my sensitive skin. The silicone brush makes it effective to eliminates blackhead and debris in the pores. Infacts upon introducing this silicone brush, I took interest in cleansing tool which leads me buying a Foreo. The Mega headband makes it more fun and cozy!

Saya suka dengan peeling gel karena gentle dan ramah lingkungan dibandingkan dengan physical exfoliator biasa. Sayangnya, pulling gel nya tidak cocok dengan kulit sensitif saya. Silicone brush sangat efektif untuk menghilangkan komedo. Faktanya, sejak saya menemukan silicone brush ini, saya jadi tertarik dengan cleansing tool. Yang pada akhirnya, membuat saya membeli Foreo. Mega headband nya juga recomended!

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